In partnership with Instructure, UW System has tested and will deploy integration between PeopleSoft Campus Solutions student information system (SIS) and the Canvas platform.  The integration uses the Learning Information Services (LIS) standard provided by IMS Global Learning Consortium (IMS).  The LIS standard specifies how systems manage the exchange of data that describes “people, groups, memberships, courses and outcomes within the context of learning.”

The partnership to design and test the integration based on the LIS standard is in process, and deployment is scheduled to begin in April 2018.  The SIS/Canvas integration will be used to provide Fall 2018 courses with nearly real-time enrollment data.

Using IMS standards is an objective in managing the Digital Learning Environment, and the SIS/Canvas integration demonstrates the value created by adhering to standards. Both students and Instructors will benefit from the event-based integration through near real time updates to their enrollments in Canvas.