The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (UWEC) is proud to share that they have multiple Business Intelligence (BI) subject areas that reflect data from UWEC Admissions, Student Financials, Financial Aid, Records & Registration, and Advising, Retention + Career Center (ARCC).

There are 263 credentialed users, 25 credentialed authors, and hundreds of published analyses and dashboards.

Recently, UWEC implemented an Admission’s dashboard that tracks application counts in different cohorts by application year and compares them to previous points in time in a three-year rolling period. Advising, Retention, + Career Center (ARCC) has also implemented an Advisor Dashboard to help make a one stop location for ARCC advisors to locate pertinent data and resources.

The UWEC BI Team has offered six in person training labs during the transition phase from Hyperion to OBI and continues to offers in person trainings to those who request it and to new hires in addition to online UWBI BI101 and BI200 training courses.

UWEC has almost completely transitioned from Hyperion/Hyperion Studio having transitioned critical analyses to OBI. They are currently working on reviewing low usage Hyperion reports and determining if there is indeed a need to transition them to OBI or if something already developed has provided a replacement.

This has been valuable because the UWEC BI Team has removed a lot of duplicate or semi-duplicate analyses and downsized the query library, while still providing the same level of value. They use multiple agents across many departments for a variety of reporting purposes and also error checking.

Lastly, UWEC has implemented a UWEC Data Warehouse landing page that notifies users when the Data Warehouse refresh process has completed along with providing multiple resources to include documentation on user privacy and security best practices. They have also provided an overview of analyses/queries and a list of contacts for support, training, notifications on maintenance, navigation, and much more!