Announcement - Decommissioning of OBIEE

For additional information on the decommissioning of OBIEE, visit the Project Readiness page. This will provide an overview of the planned approach as well as what current phase the project is in.

University of Wisconsin Business Intelligence, also referred to as UWBI, creates opportunities for improved professional performance by delivering resources for improved decision-making throughout the University of Wisconsin System.

As BI continues to be one of the fastest-evolving resources in our institutions, there is a need for more leveled learning opportunities and expansion of BI skill sets.  With hands-on, instructor-led training (ILT), Train-the-Trainer (TTT), computer-based training (CBT), and Hybrid (mix of both CBT and ILT) classes, learners can excel with our BI tools.

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Network Framework

The BI Framework is set up so there is a Point-of-Contact (POC) at each institution (Tier 1) to assist with BI knowledge sharing (communications, training, feedback, support, etc.). The network will coordinate and support the BI initiative via the implementation and continuous phases. See Support for Institutional BI Contacts.

Course Structure

Foundational Courses (Computer-Based Training (CBT), Instructor-Led-Courses (ILT), and Hybrid Learning Formats)-Institutional security training is a suggested pre-requisite.

In these courses, learners will gain a basic understanding of the University of Wisconsin Systems Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE Tool), and how it can be used as an analytical reporting tool to support strategic reporting and its functionality based on your role as a Consumer, Author, Admin, Analyst, Researcher, Decision Maker, Developer, and or Trainer. UWBI Team suggest that all complete BI101: An Introduction UWBI to enroll in any of the next-level/advanced training.

Course Offerings (Current and future via Canvas): BI101: An Introduction to UWBI, BI200: UWBI Consumer Fundamentals, BI201: UWBI Author Basics, BI202: UWBI Admin Basics, BI203: UWBI Analyst Basics, BI300: UWBI Learning Labs, BI301: UWBI Technical Developer Design, BI302: UWBI Data Driven Decision Making, and UWBI Certification.

Mastery Paths:

  • End User: BI101 and BI200
  • Data Analyst, Researcher, and/or Decision Maker: BI101, BI200, BI203, BI302
  • Admin & Developer: BI101, BI200, BI201, and BI202, BI302
  • Trainers: BI101, BI200, BI201, BI203, BI300, BI302

Measures of Effectiveness

Every BI course will be measured for effectiveness and continuous training improvement action items. These measurements will be made via BI Team observational items, course notes, course parking lot questions, follow-up questions, and Kirkpatrick leveled survey evaluations.

Once BI evaluation is completed, the instructor with BI supervisory staff will be provided the course summary evaluation with course improvement suggestions on items such as, attendee satisfaction, content updates, format, and course administration.

Evaluation Standards

The current BI Level 1 (Reaction) Training Course Evaluation is a standard 6-question evaluation measuring content, objective, value of activities, support and takeaways, needs and expectations, and open-ended questions. Level 2 (learning (i.e. assessment/test)) and Level 3 (behavior (i.e. supervisor assessment/has work processes changed assessment)) will be distributed in a similar format but will measure additional components for BI Training courses. Level 4 (Results/Accountability (i.e. The degree to which targeted outcomes occur as a result of the training and the support)).



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