OBIEE Support

Issues will initially be reported to Institution (campus) Support team who will provide level 1 support and communicate with the institution’s users.


Issues can be escalated to the UW Service Center Support team as required. This Central Support team will work directly with the institution’s support contact listed on the UWBI Support webpage (


When an issue is escalated, a Cherwell issue tracking ticket will be created by the Service Center Support team. The preferred method for escalating is by email. The Institution Support team contact’s name as well as the user name and contact information for both need to be included in the ticket. Each contact will receive emails which track updates on the ticket. Responses to the email will automatically be included in the Cherwell ticket.


Issues will initially be reported to Institution (campus) Support team who will provide level 1 support.

• Work directly with user to resolve issue

• Record and track issue using institution’s issue tracking process

• Communicate with end user Types of topics or issues Institution Support resolves:

o Login problem o User can login, but cannot not access institution’s content

o Questions or issues with institution reports o Requests for institution’s report enhancements or new reports and dashboards

o Local institution’s data is incorrect (e.g., student data)


Issues can be escalated to Central Support team as required.

• Central Support team will work directly with Institution Support contacts listed on the UWBI Support webpage (

• To escalate:

• A Cherwell ticket will be created. The Institution Support contact as well as the institution user receive emails when updates are made. Responses to the email are entered into Cherwell.

• The Central Team member working on the ticket may contact the user if additional information or validation of a change is needed. The ticket will be updated with any communications.


Types of issues to escalate to Central Support:

o Unable to access HRS reports and dashboards

o HRS data are incorrect

o Requests for enhances or new HR reports

Support Process Example

Team Scope

Team Scope
Institution Support Contact • First point of contact for end users at the institutions regarding any OBIEE issue or question. The Institution Support contact will: o Resolve issue or escalate to Central Support UWSA Help Desk (Service Center AGs) o Communicate resolution, answer, or status to user
UWSA Service Center Support team (Affinity Group Support Team) • Escalation point for Institution Support Contacts

• Only Institution Support Contacts are able to report an issue. If a person not named as on Institution Support contact list, the UWSC AG Support team will direct the customer to their Institution’s support contact

• Issue will be recorded in Cherwell

HRS/SFS Reporting Team • Triage any reported HRS related issues with a relevant issue category • Resolve the issue or escalate to appropriate team
SSG-ERP-App Sup-BI/Rptg • Address issues assigned or escalate to another team
HRS Security • Address issues assigned or escalate to another team
DRMT • Address issues assigned or escalate to another team
Systems Engineering • Address issues assigned or escalate to another team
Middleware • Address issues assigned or escalate to another team

To contact your institution for UWBI support, please refer to the table below for specific information on where to direct your institution UWBI questions and support inquiries. If your institution is not listed, contact the UWBI Enterprise Support at

Institution Support Contacts

Institution Contact Email and Phone Virtual Private Network (VPN) Assistance
UW-Colleges & Extensions UWBI Support
UW-Eau Claire LTS Help Desk
UW-Green Bay IT Help Desk
UW-La Crosse Eagle Help Desk
UW-Madison HRIS
UW-Milwaukee Data Warehouse Team
UW-Oshkosh UWBI Team Carla Clark

Ricky Johnson
UW-Parkside Nick Brumback
Ashfaq Yusuf
UW-Platteville Help Desk
Virtual Desktop KB
UW-River Falls DoTS Service Center
UW-Shared Services UWBI Shared Services Support
UW-System Administration UWBI System Admin Support
UW-Stevens Point Shawn Voth
UW-Stout UWBI Support
UW-Superior Dorothy Frechette
UW-Whitewater Mike Olson