The University of Wisconsin Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) tool will be upgraded to Oracle Analytics Server (OAS) this Fall-Winter 2020. This upgrade will increase functionalities for end-users to fit diverse analytics needs through a self-service tool.

So, what is OAS?

OAS is a self-service visualization and augmented artificial intelligence (AI) analytics platform. In addition to the current features presently available, it offers these additional key features:

  • Faster time to insights with Explain, an AI engine that uses Machine Learning (ML) to render correlations, distributions, and segmentations in your data.
  • Drive innovation; explore and discover new insights by combining structured and unstructured data.
  • Make insights accessible to anyone, anytime, and anywhere with mobile Business Analytics.

For current reports, Consumers/general users will not notice a difference. For new reports generated by Authors, end-users will see that there are more options for customizing/manipulating your data. Authors will have the ability to access various data sources (databases and spreadsheets) without having to develop the Oracle BI Repository (RPD file) which stores BI Server metadata.

Stay tuned to the UWBI Announcements section for updates on the OAS upgrade completion and resources.