Our University of Wisconsin institutions have produced a long legacy of environmental awareness and stewardship that has greatly influenced human ethics, laws and practices, extending well beyond the boundaries of the state to the entire planet. This legacy can be found in the writings of Muir and Leopold, the laws of Gaylord Nelson, our university system’s diverse research and academic disciplines, and the dedication of our faculty, students, and staff to carry these ideas and commitments forward.

As a result, it is our desire as a system of university institutions, that our commitments and behaviors be ecologically sound, economically efficient, and socially responsible now, and for future generations to come. We see a sustainable future for our system where:

  • students, faculty and staff develop a shared ethic of responsibility;
  • our statewide commitment to the environment is honored; and
  • sustainable principles, practices and values are infused into the culture of our institutions as they continue to change and grow.

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Campus Surplus Programs

To avoid sending usable items to landfills, our campuses strive to reuse, recycle or sell items that are not longer needed. A list of the campus surplus programs are found at this link.