To cultivate a sustainable future, and to fulfill the UW System mission of educating people and improving the human condition, students, staff, and faculty across UW System work to:

  • Develop a shared ethic of responsibility for people and the planet;
  • Fulfill our obligations to sound environmental practices that ensure ecosystem resilience and diversity;
  • Support just, equitable, and diverse communities across the state, country, and world;
  • Pursue innovative sustainability solutions for UW System that are grounded in systems thinking; and
  • Balance long-term considerations with near-term urgency in all decision making processes.
UW System Sustainability Coordination & Working Groups

This webpage and the activities it describes are managed by a volunteer group of staff, faculty, and students with knowledge and expertise in a range of sustainability-related topics. In addition to holding an annual sustainability meeting, this group has convened several ad hoc working groups to lead coordination of sustainability efforts across UW System.

For more information and to keep in touch, we invite you to follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our email listserv. You can also view the Campus Profiles to learn more about each institution’s sustainability activities. Please see the links elsewhere on this page.

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