We are here to help

  • Our campuses are here to serve our students with a wide range of programs and services.
  • Each campus is equipped with a dedicated group of clinicians – licensed behavioral health clinicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, case managers and nurses, who understand the importance of supporting a student’s emotional health and well-being through counseling and behavioral health services (regardless of insurance plans).
  • Our goal is to provide a safe and confidential environment to help our students be successful.

“80% of students receiving counseling services at a UW System university expressed improvement in their well-being.” UW System Counseling Impact Assessment Report

Counseling is a process in which students meet with a trained mental health professional who can help them sort out concerns, assist in decision making and help them develop and achieve their personal goals. The counselor facilitates a working partnership which allows students to improve their skills, begin to resolve their concerns and gain a deeper understanding of themselves. Counselors can also teach students the life skills and coping strategies for handling challenges today and in the future.

Many students can benefit from counseling services. Most students face normal developmental concerns and academic pressures while in college and at times may feel anxious, angry, sad or depressed. Students come to counseling to get help with resolving conflicts, solving problems, handling crisis situations, making decisions, understanding self, understanding others, and developing better coping skills. Counselors are trained to assist them in doing so. 

Our campuses are composed of licensed and trained mental health professionals with backgrounds in psychology and professional counseling. Each counselor has a different counseling style and varies in their technique; however, students may expect that their counselor will:

  • Listen and take their concerns seriously.
  • Help them remove barriers to achieve their personal goals.
  • Maintain the highest ethical and legal standards of counseling practice.
  • Answer questions directly and honestly.

Refer to the campus directory to schedule an appointment to meeting with a counselor on your campus.

Refer to the UW System Employee Well-being website for resources available for staff and faculty.

Counseling Services

Use the campus directory to contact your campus counseling center to learn more about what services are offered and how to schedule an appointment.

Groups & Workshops for Students

Maybe you are looking for a safe and confidential space to meet others. Use our campus directory to find out what group and workshop opportunities are available on your campus.


Not ready to come in yet? SilverCloud is a free and confidential online program for stress, anxiety and depression. Programs are self-paced and available to use anywhere. 

To sign up or learn more about the tool, visit: uwsystem.silvercloudhealth.com

Updated: 09/02/2020