1. Error Adding Favorite through WorkCenter – Addressed

    Users will receive an error message when trying to add a page when accessing it through a WorkCenter. This is a known Oracle bug. To add a favorite, navigate to […]

  2. Secure File Structure Change – Addressed

    Secure File Structure When SFS 9.2 goes live on October 10, 2018, everyone who accesses SFS Production using a mapped drive will need to re-map it due to directory changes. […]

  3. Errors with Run Controls – Addressed

    Because of the depth of change with the upgrade to version 9.2, some run controls may not function after the SFS 9.2 Upgrade Recommendation: Recreate your run control. If you […]

  4. E-Reimbursement send back comments link not opening another screen

    It has been reported that some browsers may be blocking the new screen to open when you click on “Click Here to Display Comments” link. It appears to be a […]

  5. Universal Navigation Header (non standard menu)

    There is a known issue in which users of Internet Explorer browser find an unusual looking menu upon login to SFS.”Universal Navigation Header” menu issues can be resolved by taking […]

  6. General Ledger Edit Error

    If you receive an error doing online journal edits, please try running the edits in batch. Running in batch will help identify which line or lines have the error. For […]