General Support Maintenance

Support hours for SFS and WISDM are between 7:45am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday. During these times, questions can be directed to UWSA Problem Solvers.


Off-Hours SFS Availability and Processing Impact

Both SFS and WISDM are generally available for use outside the supported hours, but users should be aware that many processing activities take place overnight and response times may vary significantly. Additionally, depending on the time entered, transactions entered overnight may not be processed in that evening’s batch or available in WISDM the follow day. The timing associated with entering and processing information has significant impacts on the visibility of data in SFS and WISDM.


Weekly SFS Maintenance Window

Please note that Sunday mornings between 5am until noon, Central Time, are reserved for technical system maintenance. If you are unable to access the system during this time, please try again later in the day.


Scheduled SFS Outages and Environment Refreshes

SFS Outage and Refresh Calendar 2017
DoIT Outages Page  Real-time outage information for SFS and other systems.