Policies involving Minors on Campus

I. Purpose

These policies outline the procedures for campuses to follow to ensure the health and safety of minors when minors are participating in youth programs on campuses or in university sponsored youth programs.

II. Background

Campuses continue to expand their youth outreach programs, camps, and clinics. Each campus is committed to ensuring that the safety and well-being of each participant is the number one priority when a parent or guardian entrusts their child, who is participating in a youth program, to the university. The policies below were established to assist the campuses in maintaining a safe environment for youth. They are based on Chapter ATCP 78, Recreational and Educational Camps (formerly DHS 175) and DCF ch. 252, Licensing Rules for Day Camps for Children.

III. Policy Statement

The policies below include: the Children in the Workplace Policy; the Minor Protection and Adult Leadership Policy (formerly the Two Deep Policy) and the adult to minor ratio expectation for the campuses to maintain for these programs.

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