UW-La Crosse

Assistant Professor
Media Studies

Dr. Taylor Cole Miller is an Assistant Professor of Media Studies at the University of Wisconsin–La Crosse and former Academic Director of the Peabody Awards Media Center at the University of Georgia.

Teaching and Learning Philosophy

I am a media and critical cultural studies scholar who researches media texts, audiences, and industries to study the cultural implications of media in our everyday lives. My research platform focuses on media and identity, media industries and histories, and queer media studies, as well as critical digital media production that complements my more traditional scholarship. The sociological endeavor of making everyday things “strange” is key in my teaching philosophy of media studies, because unlike in other disciplines, my students live and breathe their objects of study, existing in a culture saturated with the media texts I hope to teach them to critique. When students nourish their curiosity and their doubts about the dynamics of power in the world around them, they are able to make familiar things strange – to make them knowable – and thus start to think about them critically.