Assistant Professor
Macroeconomics, International Trade, Economic Growth

Narendra Regmi earned a B.A. in Economics and Mathematics from Cornell College, Iowa and a Ph.D. in Economics from Clemson University. In 2019, He joined the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater as an Assistant Professor in the Economics Department. My research interests are in the fields of economic growth, international trade as well as monetary economics. My research topics have spanned from applying machine learning methods in understanding trade flows as well as monetary policy decisions to linking fertility choices with economic growth and understanding the process of demographic transition. Narendra currently teaches courses in macroeconomics such as introductory macroeconomics, intermediate macroeconomics, growth and development, and monetary economics. His goal in classroom is to make economics as palatable and as insightful as possible for students from all disciplines. Originally from Nepal, Narendra likes to run, cook, and travel.

Teaching and Learning Philosophy

Diversity to me means more than just embracing people’s differences; it is celebrating each other’s differences. As a kid, I had the distinct privilege of studying in a boarding school where using our last name, which would reveal our caste, was strictly prohibited. Instead, we were called by our first name followed by a unique roll number. I was called Narendra 8125. In a society where the caste system had historically been fomenting racial and socio-economic
discrimination, the school’s main objective was to nurture students from diverse racial, cultural, and socio-economic backgrounds together. This experience had a profound impact on me. As a teacher, I strive to make equity, inclusion, and diversity an integral part of my courses through various measures, and my students’ excellent evaluation responses are a testament to that.