UW-La Crosse

Assistant Professor
American Political Behavior

Dr. Kristina LaPlant is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. She received her Ph.D. in Political Science from Georgia State University in 2019. Her primary field of study is American political behavior with an emphasis on emotional and cognitive processing, gender stereotypes, and identity politics. Dr. LaPlant is passionate about mentoring undergraduate research and collaborating with students on innovative projects.

Teaching and Learning Philosophy

My teaching philosophy consists of three primary principles: 1) accommodating individual learning styles with adaptive learning strategies; 2) encouraging critical-thinking through applied learning; and 3) prompting student achievement and professionalization through the mentorship of undergraduate research. I rely on these principles to deliver the benefits that every student should gain from a liberal arts education: namely, the tools needed to excel in their careers and the requisite knowledge to be engaged citizens in a representative democracy.