Irfan Joined UW-Platteville’s Mathematics Department in 2005. He has interests in student learning, classroom pedagogy, and how technology can help in student learning. He also looks for ways to learn about challenges related to students’ transition from high school to college. He is involved in faculty governance and has served as chair of the UW-Platteville’s faculty senate. He has been a recipient of several grants. Over the years he has taken on some leadership roles.

He hopes that one day the world will unite as one and then, as humankind, combine its efforts to explore the heavens.

Teaching and Learning Philosophy

I believe that learning happens when a classroom environment is collaborative. An ideal environment for me, as a teacher, is where frequent discussions can happen – between the teacher and the students or between the students themselves. Of course, math is a subject where show-and-tell plays an important role in learning. So, I do believe in problem-solving presented by an expert and then providing opportunities for group work and/or class discussions.