UW-River Falls

Assistant Professor
Companion Animal Science

Dr. Hergenrader has been a member of the faculty at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls since 2020. He teaches courses focused on companion animals and careers in animal science. In addition, Dr. Hergenrader advises undergraduate students in both academic planning and research projects.

After graduating with a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Iowa State University in 1996, Dr. Hergenrader practiced veterinary medicine for 12 years as a mixed animal and companion animal veterinarian. He made the transition to education and earned his Master of Arts in Teaching from Hamline University in 2009 and his Education Doctorate in 2015 from Bethel University.

Teaching and Learning PhilosopHy

My philosophy of education focuses on relationships, relevancy, and rigor. By getting to know my students, I appreciate where they are in life and where they come from. This allows me to make what I teach relevant to my students. If what I am teaching means something to the students and it is something to which they can relate, they will be more likely to understand it. This knowledge of my students will also allow me to challenge them and set the appropriate level of rigor to help build from where they begin. If the rigor is too low, students will become bored and disinterested. If the rigor is too high, students will become frustrated and may give up. Knowing who I am teaching, where they are academically, and what they need ideally allows the rigor to be just enough to challenge them without making them feel overwhelmed.