“The board has a paramount responsibility to ensure the safety of our students and our employees at every institution.”
~Drew Petersen, Board of Regents

Sexual Misconduct, Employment References, and Hiring in Higher Education: Is it Time for the Duty or Care to Evolve?
By Neal Schlavensky
August 30, 2019

Wisconsin Law Review

Stop Passing the Harasser


The #MeToo movement put the national spotlight on sexual misconduct.  No group, organization, or industry was immune to victims providing narratives of sexual misconduct, including higher education.  In 2018, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published an article examining the complaints of employee sexual misconduct at UW System campuses between 2014 and 2017.  The article reported that “UW students accuse teachers of sexual harassment in more than half of all campuses cases”.

The UW System Board of Regents took action after national headlines exposed two UW System employees who were hired at other universities after having sexually harassed women without appropriate reference check or disclosure protocols in place.  The Board passed resolution 11038, which required the adoption of new policies on documenting and disclosing sexual misconduct.  The resolution signaled the Board’s strong commitment to combating sexual misconduct and maintaining safety across all campuses.

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Steps taken by UW System to Change the Policies

Stop Passing the Harasser

Guidance and Background Information on Policy Implementation pdf