The University of Wisconsin System institutions share in the responsibility to create an environment where members of the campus community may freely engage with others. This includes upholding the legal and practical applications of free speech concepts to promote engagement, civility, and discourse in the expression of ideas, beliefs, and opinions that may be controversial or strongly opposed by others.

UW System also cultivates an environment where living, learning, and working are embraced by mutual respect.

The goal of the Civil Dialogue Project is to develop resources, training programs, and events to supplement the current and ongoing efforts of our public universities in the promotion of freedom of expression and civil discourse on their campuses.


Where can I go to learn about Civil Dialogue and Free Speech?

Learn how UW System campuses are providing information on civil discourse and free speech; guidance on First Amendment rights; handling demonstrations and disruptions; and reporting bias or hate incidents.

UW System Campus Resources

UW System Policy & Legal Resources

Learn about civil dialogue policies and legal resources at UW System campuses such as off-campus speech and social media, posters, marches, use of space on campus, and uninvited speakers.

UW System Policy & Legal Resources

Finding Common Ground

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UW-La Crosse Online Workshops 

UW-La Crosse is offering self-paced, online workshops in October and November for faculty, staff, and students about free speech in policy, practice, and campus discourse.  

Click on the “Campus Implementation” link above to view more campus resources.

UW-La Crosse Workshops