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The UW System Collaborative Language Program (CLP) invites faculty to apply for funding to support redesign of courses with the intention of offering courses to students at multiple UW campuses using innovative, technology-rich pedagogy and learning strategies. We welcome asynchronous and synchronous delivery methods, “flipped” lesson designs, and technology-enabled adaptive learning strategies. Priority is given to those proposals that suggest innovative approaches to the integration of technology such that TIME and PLACE become less of a barrier for student enrollment.

Instructors of courses selected will participate in a series of online learning modules as well as attend a workshop in Madison, May 27, 2020 to jump start the redesign process. The workshop will focus on Canvas course design and CLP purchased technologies that integrate into Canvas to support assessment of all three modes of communication, as well as facilitate cross-campus relationships needed for course sharing. Courses selected will receive in-kind instructional technology support through the CLP and will be funded $3000 to applicants that meet the criteria. $1500 is awarded for participating in the online learning modules and retreat, or demonstrated participation in additional training for online course design (available perhaps on your campus), and providing evidence of a learning module to be used in your redesigned course. An additional $1500 will be awarded upon collaborative implementation of the course serving multiple UW campuses. Retreat attendees and/or their respective campuses will be responsible for travel expenses associated with retreat attendance.

A key goal of this fund is to increase the number of language courses taught collaboratively, resulting in additional opportunities for students on all campuses to study languages beyond the elementary level.  
  • Full-time and part-time language instructors. 
  • New or existing courses which will become cross-university shared courses through this award. (Note: these are UW System inter-university collaborative courses so students enroll on their home UW campus.)
  • Courses to be offered beginning fall or spring 2020-21.

All proposals are to be submitted electronically.


This application is for CLP non-tenure track instructors to attend professional development opportunities. Requirements:

Applicants must:

  • be a presenter at the conference or other professional development opportunity
  • share an aspect of teaching your CLP course(s).
  • share through a publication the work that you are doing or information on what was learned at the conference. This could be sharing through a department newsletter or a publication with a broader reach such as a professional journal.
  • seek matching funds from your home university.

Application form

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CLP has become a model for delivery of beginner level language courses. To continue to ensure the highest quality experience for our students if is important that our classroom technology is up-to-date as much as possible. The weakest technologically equipped room will always be the default quality for our courses. That said, the CLP is poised to help get some of our classrooms that are in real need of upgrades a little bit of a boost. We CANNOT do everything and I CANNOT completely remodel a classroom, but we can add some improvements. Common requests are the addition of a SMART podium, better microphones, a larger monitor or additional monitors for improved viewing of people +content. Typical requests are in the range of $5000-$8000. 

Send all requests to: Lauren Rosen,


  • Narrative of full project and part that will be requested specifically from the CLP.
  • The number and language of CLP courses sent and/or received this semester in that room. An explanation or list of other courses that regularly use that room.
  • Information on any matching/additional campus funds towards project.
  • Budget sheet outlining the request. Budget narrative/brief explanation for specific items requested not mentioned previously in the full project narrative.