UW System Logo

The UW System Logo

All modifications to the logo for sub-brand material or otherwise are required to be cleared through the UW System Office of Public Affairs & Communications to ensure the logo meets branding requirements. New units, projects, and initiatives need to consult with the UW System Office of Public Affairs & Communications for help with brand placement within the UW System brand architecture.

Do not Alter the Logo

The UW System logo should not change dimension or color. The logo should always appear large enough for the “University of Wisconsin System” to be legible. Never use a file that is too small for the rendered size so the logo appears pixelated. The color of the logo should remain UW System Red. When the logo is used on a dark background, it is acceptable for the logo to be reversed out, or be in white. In one or two color pieces, the logo should be reversed out, or printed in the color of the body copy.

The Mark

The UW System logo can be used as a mark by isolating the UW from the typeface, provided that there is adequate reference to the UW System elsewhere in your document. This mark can be used as a graphic element to enhance the layout of your document or it can be used as a way to incorporate branding.


The UW System seal represents the long-standing relationship between the state of Wisconsin and its public universities. The seal is reserved as an official ceremonial mark to be used in media or communications from the Office of the President on materials such as:

  • Official documents
  • Awards and certificates
  • Events sponsored by the Office of the President
  • Legal documents
  • Stationery watermark or other media sponsored by the Office of the President

For digital versions of the seal, contact Public Affairs & Communications. Note that all uses of the seal are required to have approval from the Office of the President as well as University Relations.