New Brand, New Look: Universities of Wisconsin

We have launched a new “Universities of Wisconsin” brand in place of “University of Wisconsin System” as the preferred way to describe our universities. This new brand reinforces the role our Universities of Wisconsin have in providing a network of opportunities to make a difference.

We have provided new Visual Identity elements (including a logo, mark, map, and fonts), as well as an updated Writing Style Guide, to support this new brand. Additional changes will be released as they are approved, and these pages will change frequently.

If you have questions, please email the Office of Public Affairs and Communications.

Primary Brand Color

“UW Teal” is the primary brand color of the Universities of Wisconsin. It is used in our logo along with black. Most layouts should use UW Teal and black as the dominant colors.

UW Teal

PMS 7701 C
C=96 M=62 Y=35 K=15
R=0 G=87 B=119


PMS 10 C
C=60 M=0 Y=0 K=100
R=0 G=0 B=0

Primary Color Palette

Where accents are required, the following colors are acceptable. “UW Orange” is the preferred accent color when using the primary palette. Tints and shades of each color are also acceptable.

UW Orange

PMS 7625 C
C=4 M=84 Y=82 K=0
R=212 G=68 B=39

Dark Blue

PMS 2955 C
C=100 M=83 Y=35 K=24
R=0 G=55 B=100

Dark Red

PMS 194 C
C=0 M=100 Y=35 K=27
R=153 G=0 B=51


PMS 156-6 C
C=49 M=0 Y=79 K=38
R=89 G=131 B=59


PMS 525 C
C=71 M=93 Y=33 K=23
R=89 G=44 B=95


PMS 142 C
C=4 M=27 Y=83 K=0
R=244 G=189 B=21

Secondary Color Palette

The primary palette can be supplemented by a set of rich secondary colors. Tints and shades of each color are also acceptable. When used as part of our core brand, secondary colors are to be used sparingly and only to help convey meaning in your content. For example, comparing complex data in charts and graphs is an appropriate use of the secondary color pallet. Headings and body copy are not. Stay within these hues and only use them if necessary.



PMS 2425 C
C=48 M=100 Y=30 K=14
R=136 G=0 B=99

Dark Green

PMS 135-15 C
C=85 M=0 Y=58 K=51
R=3 G=105 B=86

Light Gray

PMS Cool Gray 9 C
C=55 M=47 Y=44 K=11
R=126 G=167 B=173


PMS 7669 C
C=71 M=70 Y=10 K=0
R=100 G=93 B=156


PMS 710 C
C=4 M=90 Y=65 K=0
R=225 G=41 B=62


PMS 5473 C
C=74 M=0 Y=52 K=0
R=10 G=93 B=102

Dark Gray

PMS 446 C
C=67 M=60 Y=59 K=44
R=68 G=68 B=68