The University of Wisconsin Extended Campus (UWEX) has partnered with Parchment/Credentials to accept transcript orders from students who attended the former UW Colleges prior to September 1, 2019.  The UWEX Office of the Registrar provides official transcripts only and the fee is $9.00 per transcript request.

Students who were enrolled at the UW Colleges or a UW Branch Campus BEFORE September 1, 2019 may order official transcripts by using the link below.

Order your Transcript

To place your order, you will need to provide
  1. Date of Birth
  2. Prior UW Colleges student ID number or your Social Security Number
  3. Email address – as this is how you will be contacted in the event there are problems with your transcript request

Check the status of your order  (Use the order number to check the status of your order)

Dates of Enrollment
  • If enrolled at the UW Colleges BEFORE 9/1/2019 – Use the UW Colleges transcript ordering process
  • If enrolled at a Branch Campus AFTER 9/1/2019 – Order transcripts through the 4-year UW campus you attended
  • If enrolled BEFORE & AFTER 9/1/2019 – Order transcripts through both of the above processes
  • Customer service representatives are available Monday-Thursday (7 am – 7 pm CST) and on Fridays (7 am – 5 pm).  Call 1-847-716-3005
  • If you have additional questions regarding your records, contact the UWEX Office of the Registrar at

Transcript FAQ

How long does it take to receive a UW Colleges transcript?

Regular processing time is 1-3 business days from the date your completed request is received by the Registrar’s Office. If there is a hold on a student’s record or any outstanding obligation with UW Colleges (such as unpaid fees), the official transcript will not be released until the hold or obligation is resolved.

Why are unofficial transcripts not available?

After the UW System restructure, which involved the dissolution of the UW Colleges, and the campuses being assigned to one of seven 4-year comprehensive UW institutions, the UW Colleges student information system (PRISM) is no longer accessible to former students. Previously, the only way that a UW Colleges student could obtain an unofficial transcript was to log in to PRISM and print an unofficial copy themselves.  Since access to PRISM is no longer available, the custodian of these records provides official transcript only.

Note: If you request to have an official transcript sent to yourself, the order would be issued to student and considered an unofficial transcript request. A transcript sent to yourself may be kept for your own records and referenced in the event that you need an unofficial transcript.

What information is needed to order a UW Colleges transcript?

You will need to provide your date of birth and either your UW Colleges student ID number or your Social Security Number.  An email address is also required, as this is how you will be contacted in the event there are problems with your transcript request.

What is included on your UW Colleges transcript?

An official UW Colleges transcript is a complete record of a student’s enrollment at any of the 14 UW Colleges campuses.  Student records that include enrollments at more than one of the UW Colleges campuses are combined on one transcript. The student’s record is confidential and is not released from UW Colleges except by authorization from the student.

What if I need to include an attachment?

If you need to include an attachment with your order, please select the box under “special order condition(s).” You will receive instructions on how and where to send your attachment with your order confirmation.

Who is the custodian of UW Colleges student records?

The University of Wisconsin Extended Campus was designated to serve as the custodian of the UW Colleges education records.

UW Extended Campus
Office of the Registrar – Suite 130
780 Regent Street
Madison, WI 53715