Original Issuance Date: [Fill in Date]

Last Revision Date: [Fill in Date, if applicable]

1. Policy Purpose

[Insert sentence or two on the policy’s primary objectives]

2. Responsible UW System Officer

[Cabinet level officer(s) responsible for policy’s implementation and oversight]

3. Scope

[Who does the policy affect (e.g. specific stakeholder groups, if applicable)]

4. Background

[Insert rationale on why the policy needs to exist (e.g. statutory requirement, meet strategic planning objectives, critical needs, etc.)]

5. Definitions

[Insert definitions readers may find useful to determine the effect of the policy]

6. Policy Statement

[The actual language which constitutes the policy itself]

7. Related Documents

[List any federal/state laws or regulations, or other Regent or UW System policies/procedures that affect this policy]

8. Policy History

[List the approval date for any prior revisions of the policy as well as the policy’s initial approval date and any information when the policy may have been re-numbered, or repealed and re-created]

9. Scheduled Review

[Denotes date of scheduled review, typically 5 years from approval date]

UW System Administrative Procedure 1.A History

Original Issuance Date: May 20, 2016

Revisions: N/A