A transfer guide shows the required courses for a major at a UW institution and the equivalent courses that transfer from a campus or system (i.e. UW Colleges, WTCS or an individual Wisconsin Technical College, some Wisconsin private colleges/universities, and some out-of-state colleges/universities).

Transfer guides may not guarantee transfer.  They are created voluntarily between campuses in response to high program transfer rates.  Not all programs/campuses have transfer guides.

If there is not a transfer guide available for your program/campus:

  • Find the course requirements for your intended major on the UW (that you plan to transfer to) website.
  • Put the UW required courses into the Credit Transfer Wizards to see which classes you can take at your current college/university that will transfer into your intended major.
  • OR put the classes you have already taken into the Credit Transfer Wizards and compare the results to the course requirements of your intended major.