University of Wisconsin System Administration has established this website to provide information to faculty and staff at the UW and WTCS institutions about common courses offered at WTCS districts and the course evaluation process used to determine how courses transfer to UW institutions.

Transfer of WTCS General Education Core Courses

Under UWS Transfer Policy (SYS 135), students may transfer general education courses (social/behavioral sciences, communications, mathematics, and natural sciences) offered in WTCS applied associate degree programs.  In determining transferability of these courses, each UW institution takes into account the quality and comparability of the coursework and its applicability to degree requirements.

The same curriculum is offered by all 16 technical colleges, so UW institutions only need to evaluate the courses once and then apply any articulation and transfer agreements to all WTCS districts.  The WTCS course information available to assist institutions in the evaluation, including course outcome summaries and sample syllabi, is posted on the WTCS website.

Transfer of Other WTCS Occupational/Technical Courses

Under the UWS Transfer Policy (SYS 135), UW institutions may accept transfer occupational/technical courses offered in WTCS applied associate degree programs when the courses are determined to be equivalent or comparable to courses in their curriculum.  UW institutions review the courses on a case-by-case basis.  WTCS districts and UW institutions are encouraged to work with their regional partners to initiate the review of these courses.  Upon establishing credit transfer equivalencies, the information should be entered in the institution’s student information system and in the TIS database.

Course Review Process

UW institutions will follow their established policies and processes to determine transferability and applicability of WTCS courses.  If additional questions arise during the review process, check the WTCS course materials for contact information.  Upon establishing credit transfer equivalencies the information should be entered in the institution’s student information system and in the TIS database.