The Board of Regents and the President of the UW System are responsible for all actions related to academic degree program planning, delivery, approval, and review as codified in Chapter 36 of the Wisconsin Statutes.

Academic Programs and Educational Innovation assists the Board of Regents, the UW System President, and the UW institutions to maintain and improve the quality of education within the UW System by sustaining sufficient access for students to majors and careers, identifying gaps in systemwide program array, and analyzing the workforce development needs of the state – all in the context of efficient management of systemwide resources.

Academic Degree Program Planning Policy

Board of Regents Program Authorization

BOR New Program Authorization Guide January 2019 docx

State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA)

All UW institutions have been approved by the State of Wisconsin Distance Learning Authorization Board (DLAB) (Wisconsin Act 208 and Wis. Stats. s. 39.85) to participate in SARA per the DLAB’s approval and oversight. See the Wisconsin DLAB’s website.

Online Program Planning Form

Use the Online Program Planning Form to request changes to academic degree programs.

  • Adding or Eliminating 50% or more Distance Delivery for an Academic Degree Program
  • Adding or Eliminating Face-to-Face Delivery for a Distance Delivery Academic Degree Program
  • Adding or Eliminating Direct Assessment, Competency-Based Program Delivery
  • Adding or Removing a Concentration for an Associate of Arts, or Associate of Science(s), or Associate of Arts and Sciences
  • Eliminating an Academic Degree Type
  • Eliminating an Academic Degree Program
  • Renaming an Academic Degree Program
  • Redirecting an Academic Degree Program
  • Suspending Admissions to an Academic Degree Program
  • Reinstating Admissions to an Academic Degree Program
  • Unpublishing or Republishing an Academic Degree Program in MajorMania and/or EApp and/or Intro to UW System

Guidelines for Submission of a Request for Associate Degree Approval