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Surety Bond Insurance for Notaries Public for the University of Wisconsin – System wide

CONTRACT NO.: 00-2072

NIGP CODE: 946-67


This contract is for the purchase of bond insurance which notaries public are required to have. It also will cover the process of becoming a notary public or renewing a notary public commission.

NOTE: Wisconsin Act 32 transferred responsibility for issuing notary public commissions from the Office of the Secretary of State to the Department of Finanancial Institutions. Please be sure to read the instructions below carefully to ensure the application and payment are processed correctly.


A notary public must be a Wisconsin resident, 18 years or older, be familiar with the duties and responsibilities of a Notary, and not have an arrest or conviction record which is unacceptable under Wis. Stats. 111.335.

In order to complete a notary application, you must first obtain a notary seal or rubber stamp. The seal or stamp must state “Notary Public”, “State of Wisconsin”, and the name of the notary. You may use the initials or a shortened first name if you wish, but you must use your current last name in full. You must also always sign your name exactly as set forth on your notary seal or stamp.

A $500 surety bond is required for all applicants applying or reapplying for a four- year notary public commission. No bond is required for United States residents who are licensed to practice law in Wisconsin who are applying for permanent commissions. The surety bond is an insurance agreement making the surety legally liable to the party who is harmed, for up to $500 in damages caused by a notary’s misconduct or neglect in executing notarial acts. This bond cannot be cancelled and will expire in four years with the notary commission.


NOTARY FORMS PACKET pdf July 28, 2017 169.5 KiB Instructions for Notary Bond pdf


CONTRACT TERM: April 1, 2010 – Until Amended


Notary Bond Renewal Service
P.O. Box 602
Butler, WI 53007

FEIN NO.: 39 1018736


Each bond costs $30.00. There is also a $20.00 fee which covers the required bond and the filing fee. Notary Bond Renewal Service will handle the entire transaction directly with the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions.


CONTRACT ORIGIN: UW System Office of Procurement

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