CONTRACT NO. 20-2735

NIGP CODE:  91800

DATE:   April 15, 2020


Advisory, strategy and IV&V services for the University of Wisconsin System, including but not limited to those summarized below. These services will NOT include any technical information technology services covered by mandatory DOA contracts.

Advisory / Strategy – Providing guidance on making strategic and tactical business and information technology investments and decisions. Activities are future oriented with the objective of identifying potential risks and opportunities designed to support technology and business transformation, process improvements, compliance, performance improvements, and improved effectiveness for UW.

Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) – Independently and objectively applying a comprehensive set of defined standards to verify any program or project is meeting the  business needs of UW System and that all necessary processes, policies, procedures, and training are defined and implemented.  IV&V services may include, but not limited to assessment of project management, project deliverables, project governance, security, performance, processes, realization of benefits, policy compliance, organizational enablement, and cost.


March 1, 2020 through February 28, 2023, with two optional two-year extensions through February 28, 2027.


An RFS may request one-time services or services throughout the lifecycle of a project; and may cover a variety of advisory, strategy and IV&V services.

These services DO NOT include any technical information technology services covered by mandatory DOA contracts.

Competitive RFSs submitted to Suppliers on this contract should not be submitted simultaneously to any other contract.

A CBA must be performed according to the requirements of the State Bureau of Procurement for Ch. 16 CBAs at the time the RFS is submitted.

For engagements estimated to be over $5000, contract users will be required to complete a Request for Service (RFS) document, review and evaluate the responses submitted by Contractors and compile a summary of the RFS process. The RFS document will ask Contractors to submit pricing and detailed information showing how they would be best suited to provide the specific service being requested. Once responses are received, designated evaluators will review the responses for the best fit for user needs. This decision need not be based on price alone. The University will be the sole and final judge of the contractor best suited to meet the service need. Once a contractor for a project is determined, the Contractor to be used under the RFS process should receive a Statement of Work and a Purchase Order. For engagements estimated to be under $5000, University departments may exercise Best Judgment to select a Contractor. (Few engagements are expected to be less than $5000, if any.)

The Statement of Work shall include:

  • A description of the Scope of Work.
  • A timeline for the services to be provided.
  • A specific description of delivered accomplishments that identify the work as completed.
  • The specific consultants that will be utilized and their titles as it relates to the cost structures proposed in the RFP response.
  • A “Not to Exceed Limit” for individual engagements.
  • University Operations Administrator for the Engagement.
  • Contractor’s Manager for the Engagement.

The University reserves the right to negotiate terms and conditions or reject the Contractor’s response and proceed to the next qualified Contractor.

RFS FORM: RFS Form For RG-20-2735 docx

PIGGYBACKING FORM: 20-2735-Piggybacking-Form docx

SUPPLIERS: 20-2735-Supplier-Listing xlsx

PRICING:  To be negotiated by project but: inclusive of all phone costs, incidental copying costs except large presentation materials, travel costs while the Contractor is working onsite, and all overhead costs. See Rate Card for maximum hourly rates.

RATE CARD: 20-2735 RateCard xlsx

DELIVERY: To be determined by project.

F.O.B.: Destination, travel expenses if any included in hourly rates.

TERMS: Net 30 Days


All UW System Campuses, State of Wisconsin Agencies, and Wisconsin municipalities.

For information concerning this contract contact: Brent Tilton