University of Wisconsin System – Office of Procurement
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COMMODITY OR SERVICE: Executive Search Services

CONTRACT NO.: 21-2777

NIGP CODE: 918-66

ELIGIBLE PURCHASERS: UW System Campuses, WI State Agencies, and WI Municipalities

CONTRACT TERM: July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023 with three additional one-year renewals


This contract is for comprehensive consultation service of professional executive recruiters to advise and assist search and screen committees through the search process. Each search will be tailored to the individual institution’s needs and requirements, while working within the general guidelines established by the UW Board of Regents. Prior to contacting any firm, institutions are directed to contact Daniel Chanen, Chief Human Resources Officer at UW System, to determine the best firm to fit their specific needs. The scope of work provided by the search firms is as follows:

1. Assessment of the UWS or institution’s competitive strengths and weaknesses, in the national market for executive leaders,
2. Evaluation of current search and screen policies and procedures, and provision of alternative “best practices” and models which might enhance the effectiveness of searches,
3. Assessing the UWS or a UW institution in order to identify the key issues and challenges which it faces, and the type of leadership needed for that institution,
4. Devising of a national recruitment strategy tailored to the institution’s mission,
5. Training and advising the search and screen committee about effective recruitment and evaluation strategies,
6. Providing special recruitment and outreach efforts which will assist the UWS and the institution to build a diverse pool of outstanding candidates,
7. Assisting with the evaluation and screening of candidates, including providing detailed background information and assessments of finalists which may include and not be limited to: criminal background checks, Lexis/Nexis searches on legal issues as well as personal financial background checks.
8. If requested, assisting with the negotiations to encourage a selected individual to accept the position.
9. Provide all candidate information electronically if requested.

This contract is divided into three service levels (full-service executive search, interim executive placements, and executive sourcing/recruiting services) for two distinct institutional types:

  1. System Administration and two research institutions with student populations ranging from 27,000-44,000, and executive-level positions including but not limited to:
    A. Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents, and Vice Presidents
    B. Chancellors, Vice Chancellors, and Deans
    C. Executive Directors, and Directors
  2. Comprehensive institutions with student populations ranging from 2,600-16,500, and executive-level position including but not limited to:
    A. Chancellors, Vice Chancellors, and Deans
    B. Executive Directors, and Directors

VENDORS: See attached 21-2777-Vendor-Listing-&-Fee-Structure pdf


CONTRACT ORIGIN: UW System Office of Procurement

For any information concerning this contract please contact: Brent Tilton at