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Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) System wide Site License Agreement for Geographic Information System Software (GIS)


NIGP CODES:   20882, 20982, 92045


ELIGIBLE PURCHASERS: UW System Institutions Only on UW System wide Contract (see below)

This DOA Contract is still in effect even though the Agreement has expired. We have the authority to continue to purchase from this vendor.


Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI)
380 New York Street
Redlands, CA 92373-8100

FEIN NO.: 95 2775732

Mike Koutnik, ESRI Minneapolis
Telephone: 651-454-060


The UW System has a System wide site license with ESRI. It has been paid for with a combination of System funds and funding from participating UW System institutions. All institutions can choose to participate for a minimal investment. Participating institutions have the right to copy and use those Software Programs and Data sets listed under “Software Included”. Authorized users are registered students, faculty, staff and subcontractors. All use of software must be non-commercial in nature, serving educational, academic, administrative, or research purposes. Use of the software for profit or gain is strictly prohibited.

All programs previously licensed by ESRI to the participating UW Institutions are included.  For additional information contact your own campus ESRI contact (see spreadsheet below).

00-2093 Campus Contacts xls  (Primary, Mail, Specialist)

NOTE: The ESRI contract has been modified to include home use and remote access rights for both students and faculty/staff, and to include a new software module.  See #4 and #5 below for additional requirements for students or faculty working abroad, #6 below for the new software module.

1) Teaching and research staff may install and use a copy of our licensed programs on the individual’s personal computer, to be used for academic-related purposes (i.e., the faculty or staff member may not open a consulting business and use software installed on their home computer under this academic license for purposes related their consulting biz).

2) You may permit registered students to install the Programs we license on the student’s personal computer while the student is connected to your secure network.  You may also permit a student to borrow a Concurrent Use License for use on a personal computer while not connected to your secure network – but see export control restriction, (4) below.

3) You cannot redistribute Software activation number(s), registration numbers or license authorization files to students (i;e., even if the student is running it, it is still our license under our control).

4) Students or faculty traveling abroad may temporarily use the software to perform work outside of the United States provided that the software remains in the Licensee’s control, access is not allowed to any third party (i.e., they can’t let their non-UW roommates, colleagues or buddies overseas use it), and the Software is returned to the U.S. upon completion of the project.  Export is subject to U.S. export control laws and regulations — so the point here is to ensure that nothing that happens triggers an “export” control because the software will never be “exported” – it will be under the control of a U.S. Licensee at all times and returned to the U.S. at the end of the temporary project abroad.

5) We are required, and have agreed, to inform students that their use of this software is subject to the above restrictions.

6)  We have licensed a new program systemwide, the ESRI Business Analyst Educational Add-on (Desktop Premium, Server & Online Premium).

7) There are other Add-on options which may be purchased by campuses for an additional fee; contact ESRI Rep for more info

Participating campuses have a defined Primary Contact for this contract. Please see the list at the following address: 00-2093 Campus Contacts xls . Primary contacts are responsible for distribution of software to authorized users at their institution.


In addition to the software, technical support for the twenty-five GIS Specialists is included. Questions from any UW System institution must be directed to ESRI through an authorized GIS Specialist for that institution. The 00-2093 Campus Contacts xls .


CONTRACT ORIGIN: UW System Office of Procurement, Now DOA
For information concerning this contract contact: Bridget Bishop at