I am a food microbiologist in the Department of Microbiology at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. I earned my Ph.D. from the Ohio State University. I joined UWL in 2015 and primarily teaches Fundamentals of Microbiology (MIC 230), Food Microbiology (MIC 380), and Industrial and Fermentation Microbiology (MIC 427/527). My research field is food microbiology, and my current research focuses on antibiotic resistance in the food supply chain and food safety education, with projects sponsored by the United States Department of Agriculture. While not teaching and doing research in my lab, I like to cook, travel, enjoy food, and watch movies.


As a teacher in higher education, my goal is to nourish the value of using science to answer questions and solve problems in our daily lives. Meanwhile, it is also my priority to help students get ready for practical tasks and challenges in their future careers in food manufacturers, research institutions, testing labs, and many other places. To achieve this, it is important not only to help students gain a thorough understanding of course contents, but also to help students apply their knowledge, enhance their problem-solving skills and critical thinking abilities, and develop a growth mindset for their future endeavors. I am dedicated to continuously learning and enhancing my teaching practices, and applying assessment to measure student progress, identify areas for improvement, and tailor instructional strategies for effective educational experience.