My name is Lauren Johnsen (she/her) and I am currently in my first tenure track position at Stout as an Assistant Professor of Communication Studies. My degrees have all focused on interpersonal and family communication, I graduated in 2021 from the University of Missouri while I was an Assistant Teaching Professor on the Lambuth campus of the University of Memphis. I study relationships at the intersections of interpersonal, family, and health communication contexts and teach those classes along with other communication skills classes.


My teaching is guided by three main principles – building community, learning collaboratively, and forming connections. I think its important that my classrooms are community spaces where everyone feels welcome, and that we learn together. I want my students to work together, learning from each other and from me, and I learn just as much from them. I also focus on how they can use the skills gained in my communication classes in their other classes and their career and lives outside of college. In general I try to be a student-centered teacher and focus on backwards course design in all of my classes.