Kara is an assistant professor of special education at UW-Superior. She received her doctorate of education in 2023 from Texas A&M University. She has two decades of experience teaching in at the K-12 and university levels. She has expertise in multicultural special education and culturally responsive teaching practices. When she is not teaching and researching, she likes to spend time with her family, run, hike, play piano and a variety of instruments.


My goal in teaching is to help students develop critical thinking skills while providing them with solid pedagogical foundations for effective, inclusive, and culturally responsive teaching in their future classrooms. My students will experience learning through the lens of a continually reflective practitioner to help them use data-driven research to improve student outcomes in their classrooms. My university classroom uses a student-centered teaching model in my classroom experiences. I strive to show students that creating both personal and professional meaning out of the lessons can increase their understanding and future application of the pedagogical topics.