I’m a cognitive psychologist with a research background in human memory and a drive to help students further their scientific literacy and critical thinking skills. I hold a BA with concentrations in Psychology and Cognitive Science and an MA/PhD in Cognitive Psychology from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH. I teach classes in cognition, behavioral psychology, and statistics, as well as first-year and senior-year psychology seminars. Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, I now live in Saint Paul, MN, where I enjoy hiking the beautiful state and regional parks of Minnesota and Wisconsin, trying new vegan dishes at local restaurants, and watching entirely too many horror movies.


I strive to be an effective scientist-educator by implementing evidence-based teaching practices. My identities as an educator and a scholar are inseparable: As a cognitive psychologist, I make pedagogical decisions informed by empirical findings from my field.

Fundamentally, I’m interested in working with others toward building a more just society that makes decisions based on evidence and compassion. I see the availability of accessible, regional public education as essential to this goal. I aim to collaborate with colleagues in evolving answers to key questions: How do we best promote growth in students that will serve them in a diversity of career opportunities and help prepare them to lead fulfilling lives? What should a person earning a college degree be expected to learn and what methods should we use to foster that learning?