Associate Professor
Finance and Business Law

Dr. Rashiqa Kamal is an Associate Professor of Finance in the College of Business and Economics. She received an MBA from the University of Lucknow, India, and a Ph.D. in Finance from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.
Dr. Kamal teaches courses at the undergraduate, graduate, and the doctorate level. She has chaired and co-chaired two DBA committees, respectively, in addition to serving on several others. Dr. Kamal has several peer-reviewed publications in reputed finance journals like Journal of Corporate Finance, Managerial Finance, and Journal of Economics and Finance.
Dr. Kamal is actively involved in various service activities across the system and campus. She is the UW-Whitewater representative and the Vice Chair of the Supplemental Retirement Program Advisory Committee. For the successful initiation of the annual Women in Business Day event at CoBE, in 2017, she was the recipient of the Women in Leadership Honor awarded by the UW-W Women’s Issues Committee.


As educators, we are often asked to respond to the question “What is your teaching philosophy?”, and as educators, I am sure that all of us carry very strong convictions about why we teach, how we teach, what we teach, and who we teach. Fifteen years ago, when I started my academic career, I had a very clear picture in my mind about the type of professor that I would strive to be, that is, a perfect professor. However, over the years as I have struggled and faltered through my journey to perfection, the one thing that I have realized is that let alone being perfect, even to be a “good” professor, I have to be a learner first, teacher second. I believe that being an effective teacher comes from being willing to listen to and learn from my students, colleagues, industry experts, and employers. I keep an open mind, take student and colleague feedback about teaching seriously, and keep up-to-date with industry and academic research trends. I make these efforts because I want my students to be well-rounded and competent individuals when they pass my classes. This is why I keep looking for new ways to modify my curriculum and teaching techniques. I strive to keep my classes up-to-date because that is how I believe that I can serve my students best.