Assistant Professor
Teacher Education

I am a teacher educator with these core foci: designing learner-centered lessons; diversity, equity, and inclusion; and mathematics content and pedagogy. Initially as a secondary mathematics teacher, my career evolved into years-long dedication to K12 students, their families, teachers, staff, and administrators. These roles included but are not limited to mathematics specialist, coach, curriculum coordinator, and school administrator. Additionally, I have led professional development at local, regional, state, and national levels and have co-authored school, district, and state mathematics curricula.


My teaching philosophy is centered on learner equity and engagement. As a teacher educator, my work encompasses undergraduate students’ personal learning and professional development to in turn benefit their future students’ learning. In my experience, this requires a different lens than does teaching. A focus on learning means asking, “What are the students doing?” and “How are they constructing knowledge, making meaning, and connecting concepts?” Am I the one sharing knowledge and others’ perspectives, or am I providing learning opportunities that require students to engage with one another, to consider another’s perspective, and to wrestle with seeing another possibility? For me, these questions are essence, and thus I co-construct and relentlessly strive to sustain inclusive, robust learning communities for all students. I am dedicated to classroom cultures that appreciate and celebrate differences and uphold genuine respect for every individual. I am a reflective practitioner committed to designing, supporting, pursuing, and celebrating continuous learning for all. I am immovably dedicated to creating and upholding connected, vibrant communities that recognize, respect, and honor each as a learner and teacher through opportunities to present work and lead discussions.

Maria Franshaw Casual Photo