Associate Teaching Professor
Honors College (Art History and Asian Studies)

Hilary K. Snow is a specialist in Japanese art and culture of the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. She earned her MA in East Asian Studies and her PhD in Art History at Stanford University, following a BA in social anthropology and art history at Harvard University. Her research explores early modern patronage and the mingling of sacred and secular practices at Japanese religious institutions. Dr. Snow is particularly interested in the visual culture of early modern Japanese urban spaces and aesthetic amusements at religious institutions. At the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Honors College, she teaches courses in Art History, Asian Studies and Museum Studies.


I strive to make my classrooms and my courses intellectually stimulating places where students can challenge themselves with new ideas. I want to help guide students to make new discoveries through their own thoughts and research, and to learn from each other through discussion and formal presentations. I believe that the skills students gain through an intensive study of the subjects in my courses can be applied to many fields of endeavor. Most importantly, I strive to teach students how to learn, to become good critical thinkers, and to express themselves strongly in writing. I endeavor to make my courses spaces where students from any academic or social background will feel comfortable as part of the community of learners (which includes me). I value all perspectives students bring to share and encourage other students to recognize the value in perspectives different than their own.