UW-River Falls

Assistant Professor Enviromental Planning
Plant and Eart Science

I earned my PhD in 2018 after a nearly 20 year career as an urban planner working primarily in rural communities across Central Texas. I decided to pursue a PhD after getting laid off twice in 12 months. My dad was in the Air Force so lived in a bunch of places growing up, but most of my life was spent in Texas. I have two kids, a 25 year old son who just graduated with a Masters in Opera Performance from Boston Conservatory, and a 20 year old daughter who just finished her second year at Colorado State University.

Teaching and Learning Philosophy

My primary goal as a teacher is to develop students with the capacity to engage with information, think critically about it, and make informed decisions based on their analysis. To achieve this goal, I utilize a variety of teaching methods intended to provide foundational knowledge of the topic and opportunities to apply that knowledge through in-class activities and assigned projects. I believe students learn best when they recognize the connection between what they are learning and how it can be applied to life outside of the classroom. I also leverage my experience as a practicing planner to bring an applied perspective to my teaching, focusing on how knowledge and skills obtained in the course can be utilized when students enter their chosen career.