Director, Nakatani Teaching and Learning Center

Associate Professor | Teaching, Learning and Leadership

Transitioning from faculty to faculty development work has been an exciting journey.  I have met so many supportive and helpful people since becoming the director of UW-Stout’s Nakatani Teaching and Learning Center in July, 2020.  Getting to know all of the individuals and departments that both support and count on the NTLC for professional development services is complex and takes time to learn.  In the process of familiarizing myself with the network of stakeholders, I am refocusing my perspective from that of a faculty member to a director in a leadership position who is solution focused.  The pandemic has provided an opportunity to develop and facilitate professional development activities for instructors across campus.  I look forward to continuing to collaborate with others across UW-Stout’s campus and across the state of Wisconsin as I strive to create relevant teaching, learning, and scholarly application experiences for UW-Stout’s instructors.

Headshot of Sylvia Tiala