Director, Teaching and Technology Center

The biggest challenge that I face today is aligning the services that our Center can offer with the needs of the Faculty. After being forced into a virtual/remote teaching environment faculty have upped their technology game, but now is the time to consider ways to develop strategies for better student engagement in learning with technology. Our Center has the resources and consulting expertise to help these faculty consider post-pandemic teaching and learning. The challenge is recognizing the need for improvement rather than abandonment of the affordances of the technology. I’ve been in this space for over 7 years, but am in my first months as Director of our Center. However, that month culminates the integration of our online teaching and instructional design support, our classroom and emerging technology support team with our core teaching and learning Center and digital learning support. I believe the most rewarding experience on my horizon is working to integrate this diverse team to better support faculty as they continue to evolve the holistic student learning experience at our institution.

Seven years ago when I graduated with a PhD in Biomedical Engineering, I knew that I wanted to work in the faculty development space instead of being a member of the faculty at an institution. Having an advanced degree in a STEM field has helped me navigate new technologies. My dissertation focus was Engineering Education which provided me opportunities to focus on learning and SoTL activities even as a graduate student. I have always thought that it was possible to influence the education of more students from a faculty development perspective as I can share my expertise and support those who work directly with students as faculty and instructors. At UW-Platteville, we look to the Advisory Council to inform the teaching and learning aspects of our Center. In many ways, our Center was well-suited to support faculty through the COVID-19 pandemic. We have a strong online history and have supported faculty as they incorporate innovative technology for many years. When there was a need to move to remote learning, we were prepared and had resources at the ready. With the pandemic of racial injustice and other concerns of equity, we rely on the Advisory Council to provide resources that support faculty as they engage students during these times of change.

headshot of Dr. Regina Nelson