Professor | Education

Mary E. Lee-Nichols is a Professor of Teacher Education at the University of Wisconsin–Superior, where her work is focused on preparing preservice teachers as anti-oppressive, anti-racist, and culturally relevant and responsive educators. Her experiences as a middle school science teacher in both New York City and rural Maine, as an administrator in Maine towns at extreme ends of the socioeconomic scale, along with her own background as student in suburban Littleton, Colorado provide a unique perspective in understanding the diverse experiences of students, and a deep appreciation of the potential for success in all students. Yet it has also provided opportunities to see firsthand how teaching practices can serve to advantage some students while disadvantaging others. Today, her research examines educational policies and practices that continue to reproduce social inequalities in classrooms. She is especially interested in the experiences of white teachers committed to understanding the impact of this complex and imbalanced system on students and families of color in predominantly white, rural Midwestern communities.

Mary Lee Nicholas UW-Superior