Co-Director, Wisconsin Teaching Fellows & Scholars

Associate Professor | Biological Sciences

I tiptoed into faculty development work – a workshop, a presentation, facilitating a book group – before jumping in as a Faculty Fellow with UW-W’s LEARN Center. From there, it was a tidal surge to move forward – WTFS co-director and then Center director and now department Chair. As a teacher, I love the interaction with students, and I really love trying new things in the classroom. I guess it’s the scientist in me constantly trying and evaluating new possible answers to existing challenges. Moving into professional development allowed me to spend more time searching for new ideas, but also the space to share those ideas with others and promote the work of my colleagues who are doing amazing things.

My time spent with the OPID Advisory Council is crucial in offering me an insight into what is happening beyond my campus, while also being connected to shared wins and challenges within our state System. The Council provides a space where we can come together and share freely and be heard without being judged. I am incredibly thankful to all the members of the council for being so generous with their ideas and their support.

Headshot of Heather Pelzel