UW-Eau Claire

Director, Center for Excellence in Teaching in Learning

Associate Professor | Nursing

My biggest challenge as a Director of a Center is finding ways to reach everyone on campus. Instructors come with so much and I want to learn how to support them and their discipline in teaching. The most rewarding experience is when a faculty member implements a new teaching strategy and they are successful. I enjoy hearing about how their teaching has evolved and how our Center has helped. I transition from a Nursing faculty member because I enjoyed teaching and wanted to learn about and support teaching on my campus. It also gave me an opportunity to use my PhD in Adult Education in a different lens. The Advisory Council provides a network of support and expertise when I have struggles in my role. It also provides me with a group of individuals who understand my role and are excited about it. The impact of the two global pandemics has changed the nature of the Center work and how we support each other on campus. The needs are different and both faculty and students are extremely stressed. We are trying to work though these pandemics with teaching, but we are all forced to learn and teach differently.


Headshot of Angie Stombaugh