Assistant Professor | Engineering & Technology

I have been a teaching professor for four years now, getting into the profession by intention. In grad school, I preferred being a TA to working on research. Interacting with people as students, telling them about things you know, gives you a new perspective on everything you know. Even when I finished college, in the not-so-distant past, schools and teachers were a means to accessing knowledge. With the internet expanding in volume and fitting in little smartphones, accessing knowledge has become far less important than trusting its source and judging its relevance. Knowledge is easily available in the information era but is it trustworthy and useful? That’s where teachers come in. As more instruction moves online in the pandemic-informed age, the ability to sift through and narrow down what constitutes trustworthy and relevant knowledge will become far more important a skill for teachers to impart.


Headshot of Abhiimanyu Ghosh