A trusted source of University of Wisconsin information for more than 40 years, the UW Higher Education Location Program (UW HELP) is the front door to the UW System and all 26 of its campuses. The program helps students of all ages and backgrounds find UW System campuses that meet their needs. It also provides guidance as they prepare for college and connects them to UW System schools for a lifetime.

UW HELP develops resources such as these:

  • The UW HELP website, which helps prospective students get to know UW System schools, the admission process, financial aid options, and more
  • UW Journey, a mobile app that helps students determine which UW System campuses best meet their needs and interests
  • Electronic and print publications used for UW System marketing and recruitment

The program also builds relationships and provides face-to-face assistance, including:

  • Helping people find direction and consider their options as they transition into college
  • Advising prospective students, parents, school counselors, community and government agencies, and others seeking information on higher education
  • Sharing expertise about UW System schools at college and career fairs, school presentations, workshops, and conferences
  • Providing a unique, systemwide perspective to educational decision makers
  • Coordinating and integrating services for UW System campuses and their students

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