This document provides general guidelines for employees and students of the UW System who wish to engage in an important but strictly regulated activity: political campaign involvement. This document is not intended as a source of definitive legal advice on the specific situations discussed below, nor is it a comprehensive legal manual that addresses all political campaign activity.

In addition to the general guidance below, certain university employees holding highly visible positions, or those who serve in a liaison capacity with state and federal legislators, should be aware of the ethical and practical consequences of political campaign involvement as well as the basic legal issues, such as the application of state and federal lobbying rules to the activities of state university employees.

If you have a specific question regarding political campaign issues and are located at UW-Milwaukee or UW-Madison, please consult your campus legal counsel. All other campuses may consult the UW System Office of the General Counsel for further guidance.

What follows is a list of frequently asked questions concerning political campaign activity at UW System institutions.

Political activity on campus: Guidelines for the 2020 campaign pdf