Documenting the risk related to a subrecipient is a required component of the Uniform Guidance (2 CFR 200.331(b)).  This assessment can also be useful in determining additional terms and conditions that should be included in the agreement to ensure subrecipient compliance with the primary grant award.

Note: Not every sub-agreement is a subrecipient agreement.  Use the checklist available here if you need assistance in determining if an agreement is a subrecipient agreement.

While not required, any of the following forms may be helpful in performing and documenting the risk assessment.  They also can be tailored to fit the needs of your institution:

Risk Assessment form from UW-Eau Claire xlsx May 19, 2015 18.0 KiB

Risk Assessment form from UW-Stevens Point xlsx May 19, 2015 18.7 KiB

Risk Assessment form from UW-Madison xlsx May 19, 2015 60.7 KiB

This risk assessment may be re-performed periodically to ensure the subrecipient agreement continues to include reasonable terms and conditions.