1. UW System Administration, Office of Financial Administration:

  1. Interprets Wisconsin Statutes and Board of Regent Rules and Regulations affecting University of Wisconsin System business operations;
  2. Develops Administrative Policy Papers;
  3. Serves as the interface with the Department of Administration on matters relating to the preaudit of transactions;
  4. Conducts training seminars/conferences for institution preaudit; accounts payable personnel;
  5. Ensures that the institutions have adopted measures to safeguard their assets, check accuracy and reliability of their accounting data, promote operational efficiency and encourage adherence to prescribed financial and managerial policies;
  6. Establishes policy and procedures relating to the management of the institution contingent funds;
  7. Assists in development of necessary changes in the design, flow and processing of transactions for the most expeditious and efficient method;
  8. Completes special projects as requested.

2. Institutions:

Each institution should develop its own preaudit areas of responsibility to comply with UW System Administrative Policy 306 – Accounting and Budget Control. Responsibilities may be expanded to cover unique requirements of the institution.

Institution controllers may authorize other institution units or programs to perform the preaudit functions provided that the institution Preaudit Office determines that there are sufficient internal controls. This authorization must be in writing. Under such authorizations, the institution should conduct periodic reviews to ensure continued proper performance of these functions.