The project is a collaboration between UW System Administration (UWSA) and UW System Institutions. The project executive sponsors will govern the project with the steering committee providing input. Each of the workstream teams has membership from the institutions and has plans that create opportunity for participation and collaboration. Each institution is responsible for its course migration and communications strategy.

Executive Sponsors
Karen Schmitt Interim Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs
Robert Cramer Vice President for Administration
UWSA Project Leadership
Renee Pfeifer-Luckett Service Owner
Stacy Scholtka Project Manager

Steering Committee

During the project, the Executive Project Sponsors will be the Steering Committee chairs. The team includes:

  • Executive Sponsor – Karen Schmitt, Interim Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs
  • Executive Sponsor – Robert Cramer, UW System VP for Administration
  • Service Owner – Renee Pfeifer-Luckett, UW System
  • CIO Council Designee – Elena Pokot, UW-Whitewater
  • LTDC Chair or Designee – Kelly Hoyland, UW-Stout
  • OPID Designee – Fay Yokomizo Akindes, UW System
  • Student Designee
  • Accessibility Designee
  • Learning Analytics Designee
  • Faculty Designee


Governance for Digital Learning environment including processes, applications and integration

Fixed/flexible approver

Metrics and adoption

Strategy and roadmap

UWSA Project Team

The Project Team includes:

  • Functional and process experts from institutions, LTDC, faculty, students and vendor
  • Technical experts from institutions, ASA and vendor
  • Vendor, UW System and DoIT resources


Collaborate on Project Workstreams

Project management, governance and quality assurance

View project workstreams

Institution Project Organization

Each institution has assigned the following roles:

  • Institution Sponsor
  • Institution Project Manager
  • Institution Project Team


Develop and manage institution course migration plans

Manage institution training and communications plans

Implement institution level support structure

View institution project information