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UW System Guidelines

The UW System provides these guidelines as a source of direction for each institution to use in administering its records management program. These guidelines apply to all employees of the UW System and its institutions that create, use, or manage records in the course of their duties.


Your role in records management

All Employees

  • Most employees throughout the UW System create records in the course of their duties. In order to facilitate effective university operations through efficient records management, employees must:
  • Be conscious that the records they create are the official property of the UW System and the state of Wisconsin.
  • Maintain complete and accurate records of activities conducted in the course of their work.
  • File those records in accordance with office file plans, or in the absence of filing plans, in a manner that provides for practical access to the records.
  • Be aware of the general and departmental records retention schedules relating to the records they create, making sure that they comply with those schedules.
  • Store records in appropriately secure locations.
  • Be sure that they are filing and storing electronic records in accordance with UW policies and retention schedules.
  • Know which records in their office are vital records and comply with office policy on ensuring the security of those records.
  • Cooperate fully with their supervisors and department heads in ensuring that their offices are managing records appropriately.
  • Dispose of confidential records appropriately and ensure that confidential information is not released to unauthorized parties.