Primary Color Palette

System Red is our logo color. Most layouts should only use the primary color palette that consists of red and gray. Tints and shades of each color is acceptable except for System Red which tints to pink. Please don’t use pink.

UW System Red

PMS 194 C
C=26 M=100 Y=74 K=23
R=153 G=0 B=51

Dark Red

PMS 7421 C
C=38 M=93 Y=62 K=45
R=105 G=28 B=50

Light Gray

C=27 M=22 Y=22 K=0
R=187 G=187 B=187

Dark Gray

PMS 10 C
C=60 M=52 Y=52 K=25
R=96 G=96 B=96

Secondary Color Palette

The primary palette can be supplemented by a set of rich secondary colors. When used as part of our core brand, secondary colors are to be used sparingly and only to help convey meaning in your content. For example, comparing complex data in charts and graphs is an appropriate use of the secondary color pallet. Headings and body copy are not. Stay within these hues and only use if necessary.



PMS 519 C
C=76 M=94 Y=38 K=0
R=101 G=59 B=103


PMS 582 C
C=11 M=0 Y=100 K=43
R=147 G=148 B=8


PMS 5473 C
C=83 M=0 Y=30 K=56
R=0 G=100 B=105


PMS 152 C
C=0 M=51 Y=100 K=0
R=247 G=146 B=30


PMS 4515 C
C=0 M=8 Y=47 K=23
R=205 G=125 B=125


PMS 541 C
C=100 M=58 Y=9 K=46
R=0 G=62 B=107


PMS 7406 C
C=7 M=21 Y=100 K=0
R=241 G=196 B=0

Light Blue

PMS 5425 C
C=55 M=31 Y=25 K=0
R=122 G=153 B=173